Bring the world class engineers to your team

devMeTokyo is a matching platform that enables efficient use of highly skilled engineer resources according to the scale and phase of development.
With over 7,000 engineers, mainly in Eastern Europe, you can create an optimal development team.
In addition, design phases like R&D and UX design can be handled at high levels.
In addition, we have many Blockchain and AI engineers, and we can realize development using the latest technology.

Business globalization is accelerating, and the use of cutting-edge technology is essential.
At the same time, securing engineer resources for Japanese companies is a major issue.
In addition, with the unification of IT and management, the speed and accuracy of development are required more than ever.
devMeTokyo has partnered with Ukrainian and Belarusian development companies
We can provide 7,000 engineers on request at all times.
In-house engineers are not enough, even when outsourcing requests, the number of engineers does not match,
It is the best matching platform for companies with such problems.

Matching platform provided by devMeTokyo

devMeTokyo is more than just an offshore development contractor.
We understand the issues you want to solve and the systems you want to build
Match the best resource.
In addition, to take on quality / process control to minimize the disadvantages and risks of developing overseas.
It is possible to create a global, high-level development team for Japan based companies.

We introduce carefully selected trusted partner companies

Our Japanese staff members have partnered with companies that we have actually interviewed with our partner companies, so we can assign optimal partner companies that meet your needs, as well as guaranteeing reliability.

Support by experienced Japanese engineers

There is no communication loss due to language and culture, as bilingual engineers with over 10 years of development experience overseas and offshore manage projects on the Japanese side.

High-level group named from around the world

Whether you are a contractor for Silicon Valley companies' advanced products or familiar with the systematic methodology of development, you can leverage the high level of your partner and deliver quality with confidence.

Providing various development processes according to needs

The development process provided by devMeTokyo is more than just "coding work". We provide high quality for most processes needed to develop systems and products, such as user support and growth strategy design, as well as research and prototyping prior to new development. In addition, as it is only a partner company that receives many developments of global companies in the US and Europe, it is possible to thoroughly implement project management methods such as Agile development and Scrum.

Research Phase

We support the design of business strategies for achieving our goals, and the analysis of the current situation to solve problems – identification of causes.

Market Research
User Research
Scope Definition

Design Phase

Process design optimized for each project so that high-precision development can be performed in a short period of time.

UX Design
Mockup Creation

Development Phase

We carry out development by engineers with diverse results, from large-scale projects to cutting-edge technology.

Agile development
Manual test
Automated test

Maintenance Phase

We support the stable operation of our products and their additional value.

Server management
Performance Tuning
Growth strategy

Technology nominated as a partner from around the world

Engineers who handle the latest development frameworks and languages ​​that are hard to find in Japan are
We introduce from abundant network.

Front end development



Sales Cloud
Marketing Cloud

Back-end development

Ruby on Rails
Python / Django
PHP / Symfony

Technical Support

Server maintenance and improvement
High load system test and operation

Mobile application development

React Native
iOS app (Swift / Objective C)
Andoid App (Kotlin / Java)

Other Technologies

AI / Machine Learning

Consulting with many achievements

Eastern European partner companies
to build a globally relevant position We have long provided development support in the consulting field.
Make the most of your experience in various business models and industries
We support your product development.

Data Science

We use every technology and insight to help our customers make rational decisions.

Data Science & Engineering
Data analytics
Data visualization

IT Audit

We will conduct remote monitoring to ensure safe and stable operation even after operation.

ERP system management
Governance establishment

Cyber Security

We secure the security of our products through the world's top technology.

Various security implementations
Application Vulnerability Test
GDPR compliance

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